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40 FT  Shipping Containers

The 40 foot shipping container is perfect for high volume storage. Put 2 vehicles in side and they’ll be safe and protected. Keep files, records, equipment and consumables safe from vandals, weather and pests. They are available either used (wind & water tight) or new. The heavy undercoating preserves the under structure of the container, the 1 1/8 inch thick wood floor is strong and durable, corrugated steel walls and roof keep your contents secure and the cargo doors and seals provide full access and weather and pest protection. Other storage products can’t come close to the features of a simple storage container.


Name Size Dimension
Standard Container 20GP External: Length :6.058m Width:2.438m Height:2.591m

Internal: Length:5.898m Width:2.352m Height:2.393m

Tare Weight: 2185KGS Max Gross Weight:30480KGS

20HQ External: Length :6.058m Width:2.438m Height:2.896m

Internal: Length:5.898m Width:2.352m Height:2.698m

Tare Weight: 2315KGS Max Gross Weight:30480KGS

40’GP External: Length :12.192m Width:2.438m Height:2.591m

Internal: Length:12.032m Width:2.352m Height:2.393m

Tare Weight: 3740KGS Max Gross Weight:32500KGS


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