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CELSIUS HEAT Strawberry Dragonfruit Performance Energy Drink, Zero Sugar, 16oz. Can (Pack of 12)

Item Form Liquid
Flavor Strawberry Dragonfruit
Diet Type Kosher
Package Information Can

About this item

  • Performance Energy
  • New look coming soon! You may receive either black or white cans during this transition period, but don’t worry, it’s still the same great formula!
  • Zero Sugars
  • Pre-Workout/Thermogenic
  • 2000mg L-Citrulline + 300mg Caffeine
  • Carbonated Strawberry Dragonfruit, 16 oz. Can
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Product Description

Your Ultimate Training Partner! CELSIUS HEAT is a thermogenic pre-workout drink that’s designed to give your body an additional boost during a workout. It provides long-lasting healthy energy without the crash or jitters. As the trainer’s grade version of CELSIUS’ proprietary MetaPlus formula, this carbonated pre-workout drink delivers the same great benefits as CELSIUS with an added blend of 300mg. of caffeine and 2,000mg. of L-Citrulline (an amino acid) to quickly deliver nutrients throughout your system when you need it most. Why Choose CELSIUS HEAT? Unlike other pre-workout drinks, CELSIUS HEAT uses a proprietary MetaPlus formula with green tea, EGCG, guarana seed extract, and ginger root extract to help deliver performance-worthy energy. CELSIUS HEAT also contains biotin, pantothenic acid, taurine, glucuronolactone, calcium, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamins C, B6, and B12. It contains no sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, no aspartame, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, and no sodium. CELSIUS HEAT’s formula is also gluten free, soy free, Kosher, and Vegan. Give your workouts an added energy boost while enjoying the great taste of Strawberry Dragonfruit. CELSIUS HEAT Strawberry Dragonfruit Performance Energy Drink is carbonated and has the perfect balance of delicious flavor and healthy energy that serves as an awesome tool for stimulating intense workouts. CELSIUS HEAT flavors are available in 16 oz. cans and sold in a 12-pack for convenience. Disclaimer: CELSIUS HEAT alone does not produce weight loss in the absence of a healthy diet and moderate exercise. Make CELSIUS HEAT part of your daily regimen. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. WARNING: CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT IF YOU ARE TAKING ANY MEDICATIONS OR ARE UNDER A HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL’S CARE FOR A MEDICAL CONDITION, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, PSYCHIATRIC DISORDERS. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE CAFFEINE SENSITIVE, UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE, OR WOMEN PREGNANT OR NURSING. TOO MUCH CAFFEINE MAY CAUSE NERVOUSNESS, IRRITABILITY, SLEEPLESSNESS, AND OCCASIONALLY, RAPID HEARTBEAT.


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