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Italian / Gluten & Dairy-Free, Low Cholesterol Cooking Instruction on DVD

Genre Kids & Family
Format NTSC
Contributor Jean Duane, J. Duane
Number Of Discs 1
Runtime 1 hour and 15 minutes

Product Description

Product Description

This DVD shows step by step how to make several Italian meals – without casein, lactose, whey, gluten or cholesterol – from elegant Lasagna to hearty Minestrone with Herbed Breadsticks. We’ll make Pizzas made from Portobello mushrooms, a rich creamy Carbonara sauce without cream! Spaghetti and Meatballs with an alternative “cheese” topping that tastes great and a fresh Pesto sauce served with rice penne and braised acorn squash. You’ll add signature meals to your repertoire and learn techniques that will improve your cooking skills such as braising, baking bread, making a cream sauce, tomato sauce and soup stock. Your friends and family will be pleased with the variety of tastes, sauces and textures.


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