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KBS Large 17-in-1 Bread Machine, 2LB All Stainless Steel Bread Maker with Auto Fruit Nut Dispenser, Nonstick Ceramic Pan, Full Touch Panel Tempered Glass, Reserve& Keep Warm Set, Oven Mitt and Recipes

710W High Speed Motor & Large LCD Display & Intuitive Digital Touch Panel Control

The panel and touch control design is convenient to observe the progress of bread making. The main body is divided into function settings, and status instructions, the function can choose different bread baking mode, as well as, baking color selection, bread weight. The touch panel design is ergonomic and easy to operate.

Intelligent Touch Panel for Operation

Make delicious bread with your fingertips. Choose from 500g, 750g or 1000g bread sizes for different needs. With 17 custom recipes from the bread masters menu options, and three colors and different textures to choose from, makes bread making as easy as you want it to be.

Flexible Time Delay for Customization

Nutritious breakfast can be customized before bedtime. Simple setting of bread type and delay time, and you can enjoy the aroma of bread and the delicious breakfast. Power off within 10 minutes to pick up the power can continue the work steps before the power failure.

Excellent Details Design for Durability

Multiple improved details complete the bread maker. The large window makes machine easier to observe the baking process, the stainless steel shell makes it clean and corrosion resistant, and the heat dissipation makes it last longer. Any design is for a better using experience.

Auto Fruit Nut Dispenser & Unique Non-stick Ceramic Pan

The detachable fruit nut dispenser releases the ingredients automatically at the optimum time. And unique ceramic pan design makes bread more natural and healthy, the ceramic is stable and has been tested and proven safe in use, it using nanotechnology to achieve a non-stick effect. At the same time, the ceramic ensures fast and even heat conduction of the bread pan.

KBS Bread Maker’s Features

Healthy and Large Capacity KBS 17-in-1 Programmable Bread Machine makes bread making easier and tastier. It can make up to 2 pound family sized loaf. Make healthy bread without preservatives or trans far, make homemade bread an everyday treat!
17 Various Healthy Settings KBS Bread Machine presets including Soft bread, Sweet bread, Natural sourdough, Whole-wheat, Quick, Sugar-free, Multigrain, Milky loaf, Cake, Raw dough, Leaven dough, Jam, Bake, Yogurt, Gluten-free, Ferment.
Offer 300 Common Recipes we provide 300 common recipes for you that you can bake fresh, healthy and delicious bread yourself at home at any time.
Fresh Homemade Bread 15-hour Delay Timer, 1-Hour Automatic Keep Warm, 15-minute Power Interruption. Recovery allow for fresh breads anytime.
Non-stick Ceramic Pan The non-stick ceramic coating pan makes the bread evenly baked. 100% food-grade materials, non-stick, so it is easy to clean.
Intelligent Nut Dispenser Comes with Fruit and Nut Dispenser, releases the ingredients automatically at the optimum time.You don’t have to keep an eye on the time.
LCD Touch Screen Large LCD display and Intuitive Digital Touch Panel Control is very easy to operate and check, so it is friendly to new users.
Fully Stainless Steel The body is made of stainless steel, which is stable and has a longer service life. Superior sleek design is beautiful and stylish.
Basic Steps Material Ready→ 2. Stir→ 3. Raw Dough→4. Ferment→5. Dispense nut/Fruit→6. Bake→ Bread completed.
All of package 1*Bread Machine/1*Non-stick Ceramic Pan/1*Oven Mitt/1*Manual(Contains recipes)/1*Measuring Cup/1*Measuring Spoon/ 1*Hook/ 1* Fruit Nut Dispenser /1*Stirring Rod.
Two Reminders for Use Please pay attention to the control of yeast, water and temperature. And please soak the bread pan in water when the stirring rod can’t be taken out, rotate it left and right to take it out slowly.


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