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R32 Refrigerant


R32 is an alternative to R410a with similar performance and an impressive 68% reduced GWP. Combine the environmental credentials with an average 25% reduced charge size, it’s easy to see why R32 has become one of the most common refrigerants found in new air-conditioning units from leading global manufacturers.

R32 refrigerant is compatible only in new systems designed for R32 (not retrofit)

Only reclaim into approved R32 reclaim cylinders

For optimal performance and compatibility, BOC recommends the use of valve fittings that have plastic sealing washers (e.g. Nylon, PTFE or PCTFE) for refrigerant products. Hard or inflexible materials such as fibre washers may cause minor connection leaks. The sealing washer should be visually inspected for damage or wear before each use. Fittings should be installed slightly tighter than hand-tight.


  • GWP: 675. ODP: Non-Ozone Depleting
  • Boiling point: -56.65°C; Critical temperature: 78.4°C. Oil: POE
  • Mildly flammable, non-toxic, with a safety classification of A2L
  • Smaller charge sizes in most equipment (compared with R410a technology)
  • Due to the flammable nature of R32, different charging and recovery procedures are required
  • Only use R32 approved equipment when using R32


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