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Suntory Hibiki Japanese Harmony 70cl

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Luminous and delicate with a transparency that unveils complexity.This delicate blend creates a oneness unfolding a full orchestra of flavours and aromas.Hibiki Whisky is Japan’s most highly awarded blended whisky and among the most prestigious whiskies in the world.The Hibiki ‘family’ of blended whiskies have long been recognised as some of the finest in the world.


This newest addition to the range displays the fruit and vibrancy of Japanese Single Malt, the sweet texture of Japanese Grain Whisky and touches of the exotic spice character imbued by maturation in Japanese Mizunara Oak – with every note in perfect harmony.


Ingredients: Blended whisky distillate, water, sugar colorant


Alcohol percentage:  43.0

Bottle volume ml:  700ml

Gift box:  Yes

Country of origin:  Japan




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